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The Stronghold® is a fast erect mobile anchor point and barrier system which is setup inside the building, around an opening to be worked on, around or from. 
The Stronghold instantly provides a highly visible barrier around the window or other type of vertical opening at height, preventing the public or other trade’s people from getting close enough to the opening to fall.

No other mobile anchor system – such as a man anchor or a door bar anchor – provide the same level of safety for the two harnessed personnel, other personnel in the vicinity or provide anchor points for tools and equipment too.

We have developed two versions of the Stronghold, the Stronghold Fold Away and the Stronghold Lift.
The Stronghold is used for multiple construction and facilities management jobs such as:

-Window/ building façade replacement/maintenance/decoration.
-Satellite dish maintenance/illegal dish removal.
-External survey/inspection of high rise buildings at height.
-Window cleaning at height.
-Signage cleaning at height.
-Service shaft maintenance.
-Roof work outside of a window (where no edge protection is present).
-Emergency rescue by Emergency services and rapid intervention by Special Forces and Police departments.

-Lift installation/repair/modernisation/decommissioning.

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