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Using the Stronghold® LIFT and FOLD AWAY Systems have a multitude of health and safety and economical benefits for the company and the employee.

The Stronghold is unique! No other mobile anchor system - such as a man anchor system or a door bar anchor - provide the same level of safety for the two harnessed personnel, other personnel in the vicinity or provide anchor points for tools and equipment. The whole system and sub-components can be easily transported and setup by a single operator, without having to transport multiple load plates.

Stronghold® FOLD AWAY

  • Designed for all work on or from an opening at height. Construction, Fenestration, Property maintenance, Lifts and High level Access/Rescue by MOD and Emergency Services.
  • Removes the need for expensive scaffold and other forms of access equipment.
  • Works in line with HSE Work at Height Regulations 2005.
  • Free standing, the Stronghold FOLD AWAY does not require any fixings meaning that no damage is caused to the walls or floor. Holes are available in the wall plates allowing the Stronghold to be bolted to the walls and floor if required.
  • No tools are required for setup.
  • Each side unit of the Stronghold FOLD AWAY version folds down to approximately 1300mm x 150mm x 300mm weighing little over 13Kg per side unit.
  • Provides an anchor point for two users.
  • The Stronghold FOLD AWAY is setup in under 5 minutes.
  • The Stronghold FOLD AWAY can be used for work restraint, fall arrest and work positioning.
  • Provides anchor points for harnessing tools and equipment.
  • Easy to store, transport, set up and use.
  • Works in line with HSE Guidance Note PM26. Safety at Lift Landings.
  • Additional components designed specifically for Lift installation / repair / modernization.
  • Simple yet effective accessories are available for the Stronghold LIFT such as the safety net. The net is fitted around the thre open vertical sides enclosing the Stronghold LIFT, effective when being used in a common area.
  • Anchor points are independent of the lift and lift shaft.

Product Summary

  • The Stronghold provides a highly visible barrier around the opening preventing other trades people or the public from getting close enough to the hazard to fall.
  • The Stronghold weighs little over 30Kg but has passed the British Standard BS EN 795 B:2012 and TS 16415: 2013 where it was required to support over 2T. It did so without any signs of permanent deformity.
  • The Stronghold also passed Standard tests (carried out by SATRA UK) for Australia, Canada and the USA, also meets OSHA requirements.
  • The Stronghold System is manufactured solely in the UK by an ISO 9001: 2008 national Manufacturer.

Tried, Tested & Protected.

Working with Lift industry professionals and a leading manufacturer of access equipment Daniel Cheddie and Glazesafe Ltd have designed the new Stronghold Fold Away which conforms to BS EN 795 B:2012, TS 16415:2013. It has also passed Standards test for Australia and the USA and meets OSHA requirements. The name Stronghold is a Registered Trade Mark and the Stronghold products are protected by Patent.
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